Version 22-03-8

Workshop: Workshop R: The Bayesian revolution in linguistics: Why and how?

Dr. Bodo Winter, University of Birmingham

This brief workshop will introduce you to the very basics of statistical modelling in a Bayesian framework. We will review how issues with null hypothesis significance testing motivate a move towards a Bayesian approach, among many other reasons for why ‘Bayesian is better’. Following this, there will be a hands-on session in which we fit a generalized linear mixed effects model with the R package ‘brms’ (Bürkner, 2017). Materials and installation instructions for the hands-on session will be distributed a week prior to the workshop. Having some rudimentary knowledge of R and RStudio is helpful for participating in the hands-on section of the workshop, but you will be able to get something out of the workshop even if you are novice with these tools.


Tag: 25.03.2022
Anfangszeit: 15:10
Dauer: 01:30
Raum: PlenumRaum

Sprache: en



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