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Vortrag: NLMaps

A Natural Language Interface for OpenStreetMap

NLMaps is the Natural Language Interface for OpenStreetMap I built for my Master’s thesis. Users can issue queries like “Where can I find vegan food near Moritzbastei in Leipzig?” and the answer is retrieved from OpenStreetMap and shown on a map.

To make this work, I continued earlier work by Carolin Lawrence who came up with the NLMaps idea. My contributions include (1) analyzing and improving the dataset she published, (2) extending the dataset by auto-generating new queries with a templating approach focused on linguistic diversity, (3) building the NLMaps web interface and (4) conducting an experiment with human users who produced a wealth of new queries for the system to learn on.

NLMaps is currently available at


Tag: 08.05.2021
Anfangszeit: 11:30
Dauer: 00:30
Raum: yellow
Track: Computational & NLP
Sprache: en




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