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Vortrag: V1 in Lopit

A basic syntactic analysis following Bossi & Diercks (2019)

Based on the paper published by Bossi & Diercks (2019) on Kipsigis, I present an analysis of basic syntactic structures in Lopit, an Eastern-Nilotic V1 language.

Madeline Bossi and Michael Diercks designed a syntactic analysis of V1 in Kipsigis, a Southern Nilotic language, in their 2019 paper. It specifically includes an additional projection αP between CP and TP, as originally introduced by Miyagawa (2010) for Japanese. I show that basic syntactic structures in Lopit, an Eastern Nilotic language, can be analysed in a similar way, if some necessary adjustments are made. I develop the basic structure further to be able to derive focus and prominence phenomena, as well as interrogative structures.

Bossi, Madeline and Michael Diercks (2019): ‘V1 in Kipsigis: Head movementand discourse-based scrambling’, Glossa: A Journal of General Linguistics 4(1).
Moodie, Jonathan Paul (2019): A Grammar of the Lopit Language. PhD thesis,University of Melbourne.
Adger, David (2003): Core syntax: A minimalist approach. Vol. 20, Oxford University Press Oxford.


Tag: 06.05.2021
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Track: Syntax
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