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Other: Computerlinguistik and Ludwig Wittgenstein Nachlass: The FinderApp WiTTFind

Dr. Maximilian Hadersbeck

Since 2010, the Wittgenstein Archives at the University Bergen (WAB, Alois

Pichler) and the Centre for Information and Language Processing at the Ludwig-
Maximilians Universität München (CIS, Max Hadersbeck et. al.) cooperate in the

research group the “Wittgenstein Advanced Search Tools” (WAST). The WAST
research group develops the web-frontend FinderApp WiTTFind together with
specialized search tools for scholars in the humanities to investigate WAB’s
transcriptions of the Nachlass of Ludwig Wittgenstein with advanced
computational search tools. The FinderApp WiTTFind (
displays facsimile-extracts on the hit-page and allows double-sided paging
through the facsimile with its WiTTReader Application. The importance of the
project was highlighted when we won the EU-Open Humanities Award in 2014 for
our FinderApp WiTTFind and in 2017 Wittgenstein’s Nachlass was incorporated
into the list of world cultural heritage by the UNESCO’s “Memory of the world”
In the keynote I want to present the research work around the FinderApp
WiTTFind, the WiTTReader, the latest developments within WAST and the
challenges for computational linguists developing a FinderApp for documents with
this level of cultural importance.


Day: 2019-11-29
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 01:00
Room: Hauptgebäude M118




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