Talk: From "they" to "elle"

The translation of non-binary pronouns from English into Spanish

The aim of this presentation is to highlight the importance of non-binary pronouns, both for inclusiveness purposes and for the recognition of non-binary gender identities. A brief history of "singular they" is included as means to point out the differences with the Spanish equivalent, "elle". Then, several translations from different media will be analyzed, showing how different translations have different consequences in the end result. Issues of feminist linguistics will be included, as it is closely related to this topic. To give more context, other languages will also be included in order to show how this debate about the third-person singular personal pronoun appears across different languages. Finally, some "neopronouns" will be presented, as their creation is a consequence of this "pronoun problem".


Day: 2020-11-20
Start time: 12:15
Duration: 00:30
Room: Odille Morison
Track: Sociolinguistics
Language: en




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