Workshop: LaTeX for linguists - a beginners' guide

Tired of relabelling all of your 150 examples manually every time you open your thesis document? Want to do it the right way and create your very own beautiful tables and examples? Then hop on and join our workshop!

In this beginners' workshop, we will cover the basics of setting up your document to write a term paper or thesis in LaTeX. Obviously, this includes a proper title page and tables of contents, figures and all your beautiful tables. We will look at sectioning, type setting, creating different types of lists and including symbols in your text. We will also introduce you to the perks of citing and creating automatic lists of references with LaTeX.

Since all linguists need to present results at some point, we will be focusing on tables in this workshop - combining rows and columns, following specific scientific writing standards (APA, MLA...), and captioning and labelling your tables for further reference in the text.

Finally, we will make some time for topics specific to your research. Do you work with glossed examples from diverse languages or need to create syntax trees in your term papers? Then we will have a look at what LaTeX has to offer for your specific needs.

At the end of the workshop, we will provide you with a template for writing term papers and theses, which contains everything covered in the workshop and which you can adjust to your own needs and your teachers' requirements.

Prepare yourself: Get yourself a (free) overleaf account, following the link on the right.

If you use this link, Sebastian gets extra stuff on Overleaf. Just so you know ;-)

We are also adding a handout document for you to work in. Once you have created an account on Overleaf, you can access the document via the link on the right. To edit the document, create your own copy and edit away. If you can't figure out how to do this, you can contact us by email or at the start of the workshop.