Lightning talk: Multimodal Learner’s Dictionary in EFL classroom

In the modern world studies of human language and the technical progress are in the process of active integration in all directions. The cultural progress of mankind, including science and technology, is accompanied by changes in the topics under discussion, both in quantitative and linguistic aspects. As a result, these processes can leave an observable mark in language and culture. In order to denote this approach to the cultural analysis, a new term "culturomics" was introduced in 2010 by Harvard researchers. As they presented, culturomics is a form of computational lexicology that studies human behavior and cultural trends through the quantitative analysis of digitized texts.
Working on my candidate dissertation I develop a model of a multimodal computer dictionary of a dynamic-cultural type for EFL classroom. The goal of the research is to highlight the problems of a learners’ dictionary of multimodal type in computer lexicography, so we analyse the principles of building computer dictionaries and their typology. In our point of view, such dictionaries could play an important role in foreign language teaching, while they unite not only linguistic information about the word but also historical and cultural components including multimedia data.

This short talk presents the concept of creating a multimodal learner's dictionary for students studying English as a foreign language. The research deals with the problem of modelling in computer lexicography.


Day: 2020-11-19
Start time: 15:35
Duration: 00:10
Room: Agathe Lasch
Track: Computational Linguistics
Language: en




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