Lightning talk: Coloniality Through English Language Teaching In Morocco

Cultural Superiority of Northern Spaces

My talk will elaborate on different aspects of my ongoing doctoral research. The aim is to showcase how my PhD revolves around the idea that coloniality is promoted through English. While the case here is language teaching, my research has been examining (a) how Moroccan university students perceive speaking in English and how it potentially allows them to live another reality which I refer to as language ontology, and (b) how Moroccan teachers at high school and university address interculturality in their classrooms; the question is whether their practices reinforce the cultural ardency of inner-circle countries or present local cultures on equal footings with American and British cultures. English has been increasingly spreading in Morocco and will probably replace French in the future as the country’s second language. That is why it is important to discuss how English language teaching might have influenced both students and teachers’ identities. During my talk, I will speak about the methodologies I have embraced to answer the research questions and how each instrument has contributed an important element to the overall research. Finally, I will share some of the findings that I have been able to come at so far.


Day: 2020-11-19
Start time: 15:25
Duration: 00:10
Room: Agathe Lasch
Track: Applied Linguistics
Language: en




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