Lightning talk: The corpus-based glossary as an essential tool for the translation of legal documents

The translation of legal documents has become an all-important pursuit in the current international arena. Its main target is to link cultures and societies that have been so far distant. This paper is aimed at presenting a bilingual glossary (English-Spanish) of legal terms for university students dealing with the subject Translation & Interpreting. To elaborate this glossary, a 450-text corpus consisting of acts, bills and proclamations taken from the websites of the White House and the US Congress was compiled. This corpus was then processed by means of a corpus analysis software called AntConc. The aforementioned glossary is conceived out of the students´ need of having at their disposal different bilingual reference sources in order to carry out their activities on translation of official documents with greater efficiency; given the complexity of this type of documents and its corresponding terminology, students show difficulties in the translation from English into Spanish of these texts. The bilingual glossary will be a consultation tool for Law professionals and those studying English for Specific Purposes. It will also improve the lexical competence of Translation & Interpreting students.

The methodology of the research belongs to a qualitative paradigm since it follows an inductive approach, that is, a certain pattern or linguistic phenomenon is analyzed on the basis of collected data. For the creation of the bilingual glossary of legal terms, the stages proposed by Vargas (2005) for the elaboration of any terminological product were followed. According to Cabré's criteria (1992), this glossary is synchronic, systematic and multilingual.


Day: 2020-11-21
Start time: 18:00
Duration: 00:10
Room: Odille Morison
Track: Computational Linguistics
Language: en



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