Other: The Lesser Antillean Orange – a Linguistic Research Trip Across 7 Islands

The French-based Creole languages of the Lesser Antilles (Caribbean) share a remarkable feature: Unlike all other color designations, they do not borrow the word for the color orange from French. This difference from the French lexifier language is explained considering linguistic characteristics of Creole languages, botanical facts of the orange fruit and the question of how the concept of orange has historically emerged in French, leading to a conclusion about the etymology of the Antillean Creole neologism.
Assumptions about the use of the Antillean Creole word and other loan words for the color orange are verified on the basis of data collected during a six-month research trip in the Lesser Antilles. Observations from interviews with more than 700 participants on seven islands provide insights into dialectal differences and result in the documentation of a commonly used color word which so far has not been mentioned in well-known Lesser Antillean Creole dictionaries.

This presentation is also suitable for linguistically interested participants without prior knowledge of creole languages since basic concepts of Creolistics will be explained at the beginning.


Day: 2020-11-20
Start time: 15:15
Duration: 01:00
Room: Odille Morison
Track: Typology and Variational Linguistics
Language: en



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