Talk: Conceptual metaphors of anger in Spanish and Czech

Conceptual metaphor has been one of the key elements of cognitive linguistics during the past forty years. Its understanding provides us with valuable insight into the way we conceptualize the world around us. The conceptualization is reflected in the culture and the language itself. Contrastive studies of metaphors based on language corpora data allow us to compare the means of conceptualization across different languages. Nevertheless, studies of metaphors of anger published so far have focused mostly on the material of English language.
Using the parallel corpus InterCorp, we studied the contrast of the metaphors of anger in Spanish and Czech. Additionally, we contrasted the corpus data with available phraseological dictionaries. Based on our findings, we will discuss the common aspects and differences in both languages considering various typologies. We will show that the metaphors of anger express more than mere physiological symptoms of emotion. In both languages, the metaphor ANGER IS A HOT FLUID IN A CONTAINER represents the most common type which generates the majority of the metaphoric expressions. Among the Czech and Spanish metaphors of anger, some in the literature not so frequently mentioned types stand out, e.g., ANGER IS FOOD or ANGER IS A WEAPON. Interpretation of these metaphorical elements defining different cultures demonstrates the usefulness of conceptual metaphor analysis even for more general cross-cultural studies.


Day: 2020-11-20
Start time: 17:30
Duration: 00:30
Room: Agathe Lasch
Track: Neuro- and Psycholinguistics
Language: en




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