Talk: The rise of the machines. Is it that alarming?

The focus will be on the problem of translation in the 21st century. My key finding is that at the present moment the machines are not ready to provide an accurate and a high-quality translation. The aim of my project is by way of a comparative analysis and a qualitative research to provide a thorough and argumentative answer to the following question: what is the perspective of human and machine translation? The outcome of this project can be of crucial importance for those working both with human and machine translation.

The process of machine translation is closely connected with such a notion as machine learning. It is clearly visible from its name that this phenomenon is closely tied to a continuous process. It should also be recognized that the process of machine translation is constantly evolving. The knowledge the machine gains every day is becoming more and more in-depth, which is sometimes hard to follow, detect timely and describe in a scientific publication. It is still highly debatable, who will be rendering source texts in the next decade and by what means this will be operated. Thus, the relevance of this project can be clearly seen, as it is still not known, whether the machines will be able to substitute translators completely or not.


Day: 2020-11-20
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: Agathe Lasch
Track: Computational Linguistics
Language: en



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