Other: Linguistics Students in Europe

Associations, Communities, Efforts

The StuTS community has grown significantly over the past years in both Germany and neighbouring countries. In this conversation, we will explore the efforts of linguistics associations in other European countries and the ways to collaborate with each other. In this group interview, we will get to know representatives from France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Germany, who are all working on the promotion of linguistics in their respective communities. Furthermore, we will talk about the current initiative to found the International Association of Linguistics Students (IALS) which aims to bind national efforts together and serve as a global institution of representing students’ and early career researcher’ interests. We will explore the commonalities and differences between the regional entities in representing this target group and discuss some points with regards to IALS future mission, a discussion that you are invited to add your opinion to.
We will start the event with a moderated presentation of the attendants, discuss the importance of international association between students pointing to the different associations’ activities (ULAB, FNAEL, TWIST, JS) and then transition to an open discussion about the goals and mission of the IALS.


Day: 2020-11-21
Start time: 15:15
Duration: 01:00
Room: Odille Morison

Language: en



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