Other: Linguistics Pub Quiz

An evening of questions, answers, and your beverage of choice

#StuTS68 will joyfully come at you and bring a full three-day load of the finest student linguistics talks to the screen!
To warm-up for this marathon, we want to cordially welcome you all with an amusing pre-conference pubquiz!
This evening is packed with linguistic trivia and questions that will smoothen every language enthusiast's heart.
We'll host the quiz on https://kahoot.it/ which makes counting points much easier and brings in some fun tunes.

The easiest way to join might be to join the event via the StuTS conference platform and use another device, e.g. your phone, to submit your answers for the quiz.


Day: 2020-11-18
Start time: 18:15
Duration: 01:45
Room: Agathe Lasch
Track: Food Time/Break Time
Language: mul



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