Speaker: Irene Areses

Irene Areses graduated in Spanish Studies at University of Alcalá (Madrid) in 2019. In 2020, she obtained her master’s degree in Spanish Teacher Training (Máster Universitario en Formación del Profesorado de ESO, Bachillerato, Formación Profesional y Enseñanza de Idiomas. Especialidad en Lengua Castellana y Literatura) at University of Alcalá (UAH). Currently, she is a first year PhD student at UAH and her research is supported by a grant of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (FPU19/05617). Her doctoral thesis deals with syntactic and semantic properties of nouns that express collectivities in Spanish. In addition, she is member of the Theoretical linguistics research group at University of Alcalá.

Institutional email address: irene.areses@edu.uah.es.